u4few Notetaking App


u4few Glossary

Purpose: refine the UI for optimal digital ushering experience; support practice of understanding each other in meetings; further the ushin project; use the browser webapp to help us deliberate development of the browser webapp and other ways to use ushin.

Unique offering: Software to help a notetaker set up meeting documentation to enhance understanding. App keeps a running log of notes and prompts throughout the meeting which are easy to set, sort out and find on the fly. Snippets are categorized immediately so that during the meeting the notetaker keeps focus on one meeter who is speaking in the moment. After the meeting, with choice of backends and integrated communication channels, meeters can addend their contributions, merge discussions into ongoing deliberations, and follow-through with connected, contextualized actions individually and in subgroups.

How: Initially the app lets users quickly note who is saying what, and tag contributions with ushin shapes for clarity, specificity and cogency.

Later features will connect to U4U for further conversations and collaborations that user may choose and customize.

Limitations: Browser app for ushering what people say at a single meeting, users save as a link in their browser. Size of a meeting that can be saved in a url is ~ 4000 characters. Data is vulnerable to browser failure, and because users cannot save to disk without a browser warning, users bookmark the page periodically to capture the updated meeting notes, as each meeter’s contribution is added into the ongoing meeting as a new url. Currently for desktop and soon for tablet and mobile.

Let us know if you’d like a notice when pubic deliberation tools are available: contact form *** Alex – will make page

Create meeting notes in your browser

The browser app keeps track of one meeting at a time in user’s own browser, updating the contributions as a series of urls. The app continually saves user input to the browser, and users will be able to save their meeting notes to disk at the end of the meeting.

Save meeting notes to a disk

To avoid browser-generated pop-ups on saving to disk, users are encouraged to protect their meeting notes against potential data loss, were the browser to crash, by frequently bookmarking the updated url. Users will be able to customize prompts to remind them to do this during the meeting.

Notes are web links, url’s

The latest url has everything input during the meeting so far. There can be about 4000 characters in a url. This is the limit for the amount of data users can usher in a single u4few meeting.

With a U4U core and backend, future versions will be able to view and handle prior meetings, to copy, view with filters and view, and collaborate on new agendas and carry forth with deliberated actions.

Honed for ease of notetaking

Text only, no images, documents, media nor attachments.

Without a backend, or use of a cloud service such as Google Docs, u4few offers a single copy available on user’s browser while open., and as saved to disk, e.g. flashdrive.

Notetaker and meeters claiming their hat addend their own points and queries, and can continue to usher points, but this feature requires U4U core.