U4U is a free and open deliberation platform.
2020 Update
We are honing a unique, ergonomic and intuitive interface to run in people’s browsers to help families and other small groups say exactly what they mean so that others understand.
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Since December 2017, USHIN has testing several different ways to develop the technology. been gathering points and queries from a handful of communities on various topics they would like to see in an open public deliberation. The list of topics has grown from page 9.
2017 Comprehensive U4U Booklet: – There have been major advancements since this comprehensive description of the ushin project, with U4U as the focus.
We have moved past the prototype phase described in the booklet below.

U4U is an ongoing deliberation method open to and developed by everyone interested. Initial deliberations be both technical and social. The tech team will host deliberations relating to decisions and processes having to do with the user interface and the many options of backends including existing and emergent distributed, decentralized platforms. Of interest to the general community will be, among other issues, the deliberation of governance of a cooperative, free public information utility, privacy, and issues of trust.