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We believe that a neutral deliberation system will be successful if it has a fun interface and meaningful functionality.

We believe that information, especially health information, should be free and easy to access, understand, and put to your own use as you choose.

We believe that the quickest way to achieve vetted, reliable information on any subject is to deliberate the means, the ends, and who is accountable and who is effected and give everyone an accountable voice.

We believe that we don’t know how to do this, but that the sum of interested persons can surely cocreate the means to empower humanity with internet tools that let people create, find, deliberate and share indexed and sorted information. An open API to suit a range of apps on devices, in browers, and riding on existing and emergent local and decentralized systems and autonomous users could be well equipped to fulfill a successful cocreation that would solve people’s needs for information and connection with each other.

*** Read mozilla, fsf, diaspora and etherium, aragon (synereo went under)

Code of conduct – All things ushin are publicly and openly deliberated inclusively. Community weightings, e.g. for impact and influence, soundness of logic (see merit), are transparent and flexible to express other views on any angle. The court of the greater ushin community is open to deliberate merciful accountability and fair reparations that meet needs, as discussed here. (mercy paper)