Mission, Belief & Vision

USHIN, Inc. promotes personal, community, and global health through free and open universal shared information for everybody.

We believe that well-being is at the heart of all important issues. The ushin 8 shapes help people quickly clarify meanings for each message’s main and supporting points. The framework fosters mutual understanding and reveals healthy options for individuals and small groups. An inclusive system of deliberation using ushin tools has the potential to connect diverse communities around issues to meet real needs.

Our tiny nonprofit educational charity envisions meaningful conversation around the globe through free, open and deliberative information exchange, online and offline.

People will set their own preferences for the kinds of information that shows on our own screens, as well as choice information sources.

The mature system will let each of us verify findings for ourselves, and sources of information that users know and trust.

People will use ushin for important personal, professional and civic information exchange and deliberation.

Ushin will grow by people exploring community input in ushin apps and sharing ushin links to their messages by email, social media, blogs and sites.